Topic: The Daily Content Machine

Audience: Tech Conferences, Podcast conferences, Direct Sales Companies, Entrepreneurs, Income Opportunity Conferences

JB Glossinger is known as the daily content machine.

He has produced over 4000+ podcasts and 500+ videos. He has written 4 books and built 30+ courses. He is a content machine. The secret is he can do this and still play golf every day. In today’s world, we know content is king. There are two questions we have to answer. First, HOW do we create our content”? And then, where do we find the time to create that content?

In this keynote, JB inspires, motivates, and educates. He inspires by sharing some of his challenges over the last 15 years and how he overcame them. By overcoming failure, he has found a way to think differently. He motivates by sharing how he got to where he is and some amazing secrets on how anyone can do it to. From his secret content calendar to his content strategies this keynote will leave your audience inspired and ready to go. The Daily Content Machine Keynote will make the difference for everyone in attendance.

JB’s Full Daily Content Machine Keynote – Affiliate Summit East

TOPIC: The Sacred 6

Audience: Companies and individuals needing more organization and productivity,

“The Sacred 6” is a concept that JB evolved into an easy and practical system to increase his productivity and efficiency. He has written about this system in The Sacred 6 book, published by Hay House. In this keynote, JB will teach your audience his organizational secrets. Your audience will love this proven system that thousands of people have embraced.

Your group will learn the secret of alignment and how to get things working from a practical side. JB will also discuss the impact of emotional, energetic, and metaphysical blocks. Your audience will leave pumped and with an actual game plan for improved productivity in hand. The Sacred 6 Keynote can also expand into a Sacred 6 Workshop. We’re happy to discuss this option when we develop the plan for your event.

TOPIC: The Ultimate Client Retention System

Audience: Companies or individuals that need to build long-term relationships with their clients.

World’s First Membership Site?

Over 15 years ago, JB Glossinger created one of the first membership sites on the internet. He created in 2005 and built it into a paid membership site in 2009.

During that time, over 15,000 people have become a member of MorningCoach. The membership is in over 100 countries and was built only on the internet. Through it all, JB has built relationships that have lasted. His masterminds and coaching have grown through this ability to retain clients.

If your audience needs help retaining clients (who doesn’t), then this is the keynote you want. JB will discuss the secrets he has used to build long term relationships without Social Media.
JB has crafted a communication channel that your audience can easily copy. Then they can apply it to improve client retention right away. Your audience will leave inspired to start using this system right away. They will be able to retain clients and build long lasting relationships with them.

In today’s business environment, client retention is one of the primary issues with brand building. With the Ultimate Client Retention System Keynote, you will have the expert on hand to bring value to your event and bring massive takeaways to your audience.

TOPIC: The Personalized Event Topic

JB prides himself on ALWAYS personalizing his keynotes.

If you pick a topic listed above, you are assured it will be customized for you and your audience.

Would like JB to do something different that is especially designed to meet your event needs? He is always open to building a unique, personalized keynote for your event or event topic.

With JB’s 30+ years of business knowledge he is the speaker you can always count on. He will bring authenticity and connection to your audience. With his engaging and relatable presentation style, he will make your event special and enjoyable.

The Consummate Professional

Putting on a successful event is stressful. You have a lot of balls in the air and loose ends to keep track of. An unorganized, missing or late speaker is your worst nightmare. Even more frustrating is the speaker who lulls your audience to sleep, or disappoints with an obvious lack of preparation.

When you work with JB, you can relax. He’s easy going, on time, well prepared, and arrives with his own high fidelity microphone. No drama. No Anxiety. No stress.

JB will deliver an entertaining, educational, and enjoyable keynote especially tailored to your audience. They’ll love JB, and you’ll be the Hero.