Our testimonials prove that you will be the hero of the event when you book JB Glossinger as your keynote speaker! He’s fun, entertaining, energetic, and relatable. You won’t be disappointed when you book JB, and the whole room will be pumped up when he’s done.

JB Glossinger is great. He has this electricity…”

“I have been booking keynotes since 2003 and have seen my fair share of good and great speakers – JB Glossinger is great. He has this electricity – this way he connects to the audience and they give it right back. It’s fun to see him in action and the crowd was buzzing after. I can’t wait to see him again.”

Shawn Collins
Co-CEO of the Affiliate Summit conference and trade show

“The Bruce Springsteen of Motivational Speakers

JB is the Bruce Springsteen of motivational speakers. Rolls up his sleeves and gets down to business. Delivering with tremendous energy, while systematically taking you through the journey to a more productive, peaceful, secure and abundant life. Guiding his tribe at Morning Coach for years and now expanding his reach with the book “The Sacred 6” published by Hay House. The new boss showed up ready to work, and his name is J. B. Glossinger.

Matt Kramer
Singer Saigon Kick, World’s Top Vocal Coach

“JB is the next Jim Rohn!”

“I have had the chance to work with JB Glossinger on personal and business situations. What I’ve learned is PRICELESS! JB is the next Jim ROHN! I would say he is the David Copperfield of the Speaking and Coaching business.”

Frankie SFEZ
CEO and Founder Surrendipity

JB was very entertaining…”

“I was an attendee at the Ice Retailer Conference in Atlanta and enjoyed JB Glossinger’s presentation. He was very entertaining and down to earth. I could relate to him. What I took most out of his presentation was that in any business, success is a process which takes time and it never really goes how you plan it. Obviously, by keeping at his passion, he is able to help others achieve theirs as well.”

Kat Goduco
Owner & Photographer, Kat Goduco Photography + Concepts

“Trustworthy, Committed, and Passionate”

“Three words describe JB – trustworthy, committed, and passionate. What I admire most about him is his ability to accomplish so much in a day, and still nurture and maintain relationships. JB truly practices what he preaches and I’m proud to have him as one of my wingmen.”

Lt Col Rob “Waldo Waldman”
New York Times Best Selling Author: Never Fly Solo