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Want a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER TO INSPIRE GREATNESS at your next meeting or event?

Visionary and futurist JB Glossinger, MBA, PhD, is an energetic motivational speaker who will facilitate a winning attitude for you, your team, and your business or organization.

He is one of only a few people to hold both an MBA and PhD in Metaphysics, and is an internationally known visionary, motivational speaker, author, coach, and consultant who can help you manifest your vision for your business or organization.


Motivational Speaker Expertise

  • motivational speaker for content marketingContent Marketing
  • motivational speaker for human performanceHuman Performance
  • motivational speaker for movement marketingMovement Marketing
  • motivational speaker for personal pevelopmentPersonal Development

Motivational Speech Topics

  • Leverage - getting things done
  • Breakthrough to the next level
  • Goal attainment
  • Motivation and proper attitude
  • Alignment - mission, values, and goals
  • Creating lifestyle and freedom
  • Learn Secrets of True Engagement

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"JB Glossinger is the truth! Brilliant, substantive and empowering. If you or your team get a chance to work with JB, jump at it."

Randy Gage
President, Prosperity Factory, Inc
Author of the New York Times bestseller, Risky Is the New Safe



"No matter where I go or what I am doing, I need my daily jolt of Morning Coach! JB Glossinger is the TRUTH and we all can use more of that. He is a great mentor and friend whom I respect."

John Lawson
CEO 3rd Power LLc & ColderICE Media
Author of the New York Times bestseller, Risky Is the New Safe



"Three words describe JB - trustworthy, committed, and passionate. What I admire most about him is his ability to accomplish so much in a day, and still nurture and maintain relationships. JB truly practices what he preaches and I'm proud to have him as one of my wingmen."

Lt Col Rob "Waldo" Waldman
NY Times bestselling author of Never Fly Solo



"J.B Glossinger is my hero! I am so beyond grateful for MorningCoach! I listen every day and am always so uplifted, inspired, motivated, and able to become one percent better, if not 10% better, every day due to his influence in my life! I know I would not be where I am today and where I know I will be in the future (at the academy awards:) without JB and the support of the Morningcoach Community! "

Rachele Brooke Smith


"JB is an outstanding speaker, businessperson and human being! His messages communicate hope and opportunity. He backs up what he says with his sound, grounded knowledge of business (MBA) and a PhD where he learned about how human beings can achieve their potential. He is a person you want to listen to and learn from. Your life will be better after you've had a chance to experience JB Glossinger! "

Terry Brock
Achievement Systems, Inc.
CEO & President


"JB is my go to guy. When I don't know how to get something done or make something happen, he's the first person I turn to because he always knows the right thing to do. I'll bet he can do the same for you."

Bruce Turkel
Turkel Brands
Executive Creative Director


"I have the chance to work with JB Glossinger on personal and business situtations.
What i've learned from him is PRICELESS !

JB is the next Jim ROHN !

I would say he is the David Copperfield of Speaking & Coaching business"

Frankie SFEZ
Weborama Group
Business Development Manager


"JB has a unique gift -- he is universally well-liked. This translates to his presentations to large groups. And, this relationship with his audience creates a bond and a trust that allows his message to connect and motivate people to take action."

Jay Berkowitz
Founder and CEO



"J.B. Glossinger from Morning Coach is a winning choice for starting off any event. His message is universally good filling the audience with positive energy, excitement and encouragement. Your attendees will thank you for scheduling J.B. and the early morning gift he brings to the stage.

J.B. kicked off our eCommerce conference with the topic of fail forward fast, it was the perfect message for our audience and set the pace for a positive and productive day. The audience was engaged with the message, they could easily relate to his "real person" approach and the stories were perfect to encourage the audience members to learn, grow and move forward through success and failures."

Brandon Dupsky
Internet Commerce Entrepreneurs, LLC


"Aside from his incredible amount of both practical and metaphysical knowledge, the most appealing quality about JB is that he is genuine. He makes mistakes like everyone else, but he will always own up to those mistakes, which just adds to his credibility. He is incredibly driven, motivating and possesses a tremendous amount of entrepreneurial experience and knowledge, which he loves to share with his community. As a one-on-one coaching client, I have no doubt that JB truly has my and other member’s best interests in mind and genuinely wants to see us all achieve success and happiness in our lives. "

Anthony Barr
Two Wheel Films, Inc.


"I was an attendee at the Ice Retailer Conference in Atlanta and enjoyed JB Glossinger's presentation. He was very entertaining and down to earth. I could relate to him. What I took most out of his presentation was that in any business, success is a process which takes time and it never really goes how you plan it. Obviously, by keeping at his passion, he is able to help others achieve there's as well. "

Kat Goduco
Kat Goduco Photography + Concepts
Proprietor + Photographer


"Whether it's business or life, JB can help you get you where you want to go!"

Bob Negen
author, speaker and retail expert


"A great guy with a terrific business mind. JB combines life and business wisdom with an authentic inspirational style that helps us move ourselves from where we are to where we want to be."

Bob Burg
Author of Adversaries into Allies and coauthor of The Go-Giver


Former Keynotes / Features Include...

  • City College
  • High Point University
  • blogworld
  • fallon-health-plan
  • ice-retailer
  • soutflorida-biz-journal

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